The Taylor Group of Companies

Taylor Leasing & Rental (TLR) Our company has over 20 years of experience in the Leasing and Fleet Management industry. We have 100% control over our funding, and our company’s direction. We provide competitive finance and lease solutions for equipment material handling needs. Our mission is to be the preeminent financial service provider to our global customer base, delivering the highest quality products and services. Taylor Leasing can provide incentives and opportunities beyond the reach of third party finance companies. Taylor Power Systems (TPS) has served its clients by providing a variety of reliable power generating resources. Our main office and production facility includes more than 300,000 sq. ft. of office, training and production manufacturing space, giving TPS the technological resources to produce the finest electrical power generating resources for a variety of different needs. Taylor Machine Works has been designing and building high quality industrial lift equipment for more than 90 years. We provide that same quality and integrity designing and building dependable prime and stand-by power generation resources in a variety of challenging and critical environments. 01 02 03 ® ® ® Taylor Power Systems, Inc. 415 Hwy 49S. Richland, MS. 39218 601-922-4444 Taylor Leasing & Rental 3690 North Church Ave. Louisville, MS 39339 (662) 772-3421 www.taylorleasing & Taylor Machine Works, Inc. 3690 North Church Ave. Louisville, MS 39339 (662) 773-3421 American Manufacturer of industrial lift trucks with the lowest total operating cost in the industry. Backed by over 90 years of experience, Taylor Machine Works has become a world-wide operation with sales driven by the professional and aggressive activities of a vast domestic dealer sales, direct sales, and international sales organization. Taylor Machine Works designs, engineers, and manufactures more than 100 models of industrial lift equipment with lift capacities from 8,000-lbs. to 120,000-lbs. At the very center of this success has been an unwavering commitment to the key concepts of FAITH - VISION - WORK by the members of the Taylor family and employees who collectively form THE BIG RED TEAM !