SSI Overview

No-one can match our record for service and reliability. Worldwide customer service, backed by over 90 years of customer satisfaction and trust. "You Can Depend On BigRed" is a personal and collective commitment from the Taylor team to every customer. Sudden Service, Inc. ® and our worldwide dealer network are ready to respond to your requests for support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! We pride ourselves on providing you with unmatched Service & Support by a team of dedicated specialists. • Experienced Parts Representatives & Genuine Taylor Parts • Highly Certified Factory Trained Technicians • In-House Component Rebuild Specialists • Efficient Warehouse & Shipping Personnel The Sudden Service Inc. Distribution & Operations Center (DOC), located in Philadelphia, MS, has over 97 ,000-sq.ft. of facility dedicated to OEM support for all Taylor products. With its fully equipped machine shop, the DOC is capable of manufacturing 99% of all service components, including the rebuilding of engines and transmissions. The DOC Warehouse stocks over 25,000 line items, an estimated $35,000,000 of inventory, with the sole purpose of supporting Taylor products in the field. Backed by a network of parts and service centers, nationwide dealer support centers and factory trained service technicians, we are committed to providing the very best OEM support in the industry! Trusted quality of "Genuine Taylor Parts" , available from friendly support personnel 24/7... Worldwide. We mean it when we say… Visit us at