XHC600L (Cushion Tire)

Preliminary 10/2/15 Standard Features: Engine: Ÿ Cummins QSB6.7 (173-hp) Tier 4 Final diesel engine Tier 4F Final engines are equipped with: Urea ( DEF ) Diesel Exhaust Fluid with 5-gal tank, ( SCR ) Selective Catalytic Reduction, ( DOC ) Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator and engine/transmission protection systems. Warning: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel is required for all Tier 4F engines. (See Service Manuals for detailed Diesel fuel requirements for storage and usage.) API CJ-4 Low Ash engine oil Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze (Low Silicate) (GM 6038--M or ASTM D3306 & D 6210) Warning: The use of any fluids, in TIER 4 Final engines, other than those specified above may result in engine damage and could effect emissions and result in fines by the E.P.A. Ÿ 5-gal DEF tank Ÿ 50-gal fuel tank Ÿ Donaldson air cleaner w/ safety element Ÿ Air restriction indicator Ÿ Electronic diagnostics Ÿ Built-in emergency shut-down system for engine and transmission Ÿ All service and daily checks can be made easily from the running boards Ÿ 95-amp alternator Cooling System: Ÿ Bolted 3-section cooling system Ÿ Engine charge air cooler, engine coolant air cooler, transmission oil air cooler, and a separate wet disc and hydraulic oil air cooler Ÿ Wide fin spacing to reduce dirt build-up and provide optimum engine cooling ( 6.3 FPI compared to 10 FPI) Electrical System: Ÿ 24-volt dual battery system Ÿ Color coded wiring Ÿ One piece flip-down instrument panel Ÿ Reset circuit breakers Ÿ 8 LED work lights Ÿ Key-switch actuated amber strobe light Ÿ Reverse-actuated warning alarm (TICS) Taylor Integrated Control System: Ÿ 7” touch-screen display mounted into the instrument panel Ÿ Gives customers the ability to customize operation parameters of their Taylor lift truck and perform diagnostics, which eliminate excessive downtime. Ÿ Interface is easy to understand and user friendly. Ÿ Troubleshooting and Diagnostics - most issues can be diagnosed by the customer’s own service mechanic without involving a service call. Ÿ Displays Fuel usage, Idle times, Lift counts, Load scales, Service intervals, Engine data, Displays transmission data Ÿ Monitors hydraulic system Ÿ Gives ability to limit travel speed and control shifting Ÿ Tuning functions are password protected to prevent operator access Ÿ Customizable machine parameters and much, much more. Transmission: Ÿ 3-speed, modulated powershift transmission with APC Ÿ Push-button electronic joystick directional controls Ÿ Separate air-to-oil cooler Drive Axle: Ÿ Bolted heavy-duty planetary drive axle Ÿ Hypoid ring gear and pinion Steer Axle: Ÿ Extra heavy-duty design Ÿ Single hydraulic cylinder Ÿ Heavy-duty steer links Ÿ Spindles have tapered roller bearings Hydraulic System: Ÿ 49-gal capacity hydraulic tank Ÿ Spin-on tank breather Ÿ Wire-mesh strainers Ÿ Full-flow 10-micron return-line filters with replaceable element in the tank Ÿ Durable gear-type pumps Ÿ Sectional control valves Ÿ Tilt-lock valve reduces mast drift and torsional stress Ÿ Electronic fingertip joystick controller Chassis: Ÿ All welded frame with integral counterweight Mast & Rollers: Ÿ 9-ft. Direct lift telescopic mast Ÿ Mast main rollers have tapered roller bearings Carriage & Forks: Ÿ 88-in. wide C-type carriage Ÿ Carriage main rollers have tapered roller bearings Ÿ Adjustable side bearings Ÿ 5-in x 10-in x 72-in forks are pin-mounted and fully adjustable Ÿ Safety-Red forks are hammer forged from heat treated steel Cab: Ÿ Heavy-duty, all-steel construction Ÿ Easily replaceable glass throughout Ÿ Spacious 2-door access with hold-back latches Ÿ High visibility T-shaped dash with 7” touch-screen display Ÿ Tilt steering and convex, wide angle, rear view mirrors Ÿ Climate control system has a 32,000-BTU heater and a circulation fan (optional AC available) Ÿ Adjustable vinyl air suspension seat with adjustable arm rest Ÿ Adjustable seat has 15° left & 20° right rotation Ÿ Dual USB ports Lowest total cost of ownership in the industry… Taylor BIG RED! AVAILABLE CAPACITY, LOAD CENTER & WHEELBASE CUSHION TIRE LIFT TRUCK XHC-600L Capacity: 60,000-lbs. ( 27,216 kg ) Load Center: 36-in. ( 914 mm ) Wheelbase: 125-in. ( 3,175 mm )