XRS9972 H3_Brochure

Serviceability Taylor Reachstackers are designed with ease of maintenance and serviceability as a key priority. With today’s engine and emissions requirements, daily maintenance checks and timely periodic service are the key to your equipment’s longevity. All daily checks on the XRS-9972 can be accessed from either the ground or operator platform, ensuring that operators can complete these requirements with ease. Also, the side service doors and removable deck panels open to expose the drivetrain and hydraulics to provide easy access for service and inspection. Hydraulics & Brakes The Taylor XRS-9972 features a hydraulic system that utilizes variable displacement pumps and sectional control valves. Joystick control that can be tuned for operator comfort is standard on all of our models. Power-on-Demand is also featured on every Taylor lift truck, but can be turned off to suit operator preferences. The Hydraulic tank features a spinon breather, full-flow 10-micron return-line filters and a replaceable internal element. The hydraulic oil and wet disc brakes are cooled by an air-to-oil cooler separate from the transmission cooler. Taylor strives to keep things simple and use appropriate technology that brings value to our customers. Taylor Integrated Control System (TICS) The TICS system is a vehicle electronic control system comprised of multiple components including an operator display module, which provides integrated control of the electronic and hydraulic systems on the truck. J1939 CANbus technology allows all machine data to be accessed through the 7-in. touch screen color display (located in the cab) and allows controllers and sensors to communicate with minimal wiring between the components. This display indicates engine, transmission, hydraulic and emissions info as well as active warnings, fuel consumption, maintenance data and man/machine interface data. The display also allows service personnel to access data needed during troubleshooting (such as sensor status and controller outputs). Machine functions can be tuned through this display and are password protected to prevent operator access. Flip-down Dash with Color/Number Coded Wiring (Standard) Spin-on Breather, Wire Mesh Strainer & Replaceable Internal Element (Standard) Daily Checks are Easily Accessed from the Operator Platform without Deck Lid Removal Service Cab Positioning Switch allows the Cab to be Traversed with Machine Powered Down Donaldson Air Cleaner with Safety Element (Standard) Lightweight Deck Lids allow Easy Access for Service and Inspection Service & Inspection from Easy Access to Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker Panel and Breaker Reset Switches Easy Access for Steer Axle Maintenance • TICS gives customers the ability to customize operation parameters of their Taylor lift truck, perform diagnostics, and monitor key functions including fuel consumption. • The TICS interface is simple, easy to understand and user friendly. • The TICS diagnostic ability is key to quick repair and less downtime. • Troubleshooting and diagnosing most problems can be done by the customer’s own mechanic, without the need for a service tech with a detached computer. • There are multiple options available including, but not limited to, scale systems, modem based fleet tracking and the Vision Plus™ pedestrian detection system.