Taylor® Material Handlers

Introducing the T40-MH Purpose Built Material Handlers

We have what you need!

Heavy-Duty Material Handlers specifically designed for the harsh environment found in the scrap recycling industry.

T40-MH Rear with Magnet

Standard Features

  1. Operating weight 88,000-lbs (less attachment)
  2. Chassis w/ 4-point outriggers
  3. Centralized greasing (under-carriage)
  4. Auto lube system (upper-carriage)
  5. Left side cab access ladder
  6. Front & back access ladders (under-carriage)
  7. TIER 4F compliant diesel engine
  8. Automatic engine switch off
  9. Hydraulic reversible fan
  10. Active cyclone pre-cleaner (top air)
  11. AWD 2-speed hydrostatic powershift transmission
  12. Kessler front drive/steer axle (oscillating with hydraulic lock)
  13. Kessler rear drive axle (fixed)
  14. Cab with top guard
  15. Impact resistant windshield front and top
  16. Hydraulic cab riser with access platform
  17. Cab and ground controlled auxillary cab lowering valve
  18. Cab door slides open and closed to a latched position
  19. Advanced climate control (a/c, heat & defrost)
  20. Adjustable air ride seat with armrest mounted joystick controls
  21. Side and rear view cameras
  22. Radio (usb & bluetooth)
  23. 12-Volt accessory socket
  24. Fire extinguisher inside the cab
  25. Travel beacon with alarm
  26. LED cab mounted lights (front and rear-basic)
  27. LED stick mounted lights (basic)
  28. TaylorTrak fleet telematics hardware
  29. Standard overload warning
  30. 51' Scrap handling boom/stick
  31. Hydraulic valve protective guarding (stick tip)
  32. Pipe rupture safety valves (boom)
  33. Pipe rupture safety valves (stick)
  34. Magnet controller and generator
  35. Optional attachments available

Other Models: T40-MH, T40-MHXD, T50-MH, T60-MH

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Optional Features

Cary-Lift 154 Wood Baler Taylor 57" Magnet
Cary-Lift 204i Vision Plus Pedestrian Detection
Cary-Lift 254i Orange Peel Grapple
Cary-Lift 304 Top-Side Handrail
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  • Chassis w/ 4-point outriggers
  • Auto Lube System (Upper-Carriage)
  • Left Side Cab Access Ladder
  • Front & Back End Access Ladders (Under Carriage)
  • Automatic Engine Switch Off
  • Hydraulic Reversible Fan
  • Active Cyclone Pre-Cleaner (Top Air)
  • AWD 2-Speed Hydrostatic Power shift Transmission
  • Kessler Front Drive/Steer Axle (Oscillating with Hydraulic Lock)
  • Kessler Rear Drive Axle (Fixed)
  • Cab with Windshield and Top Guard
  • Impact Resistant Glass Front & Top
  • Hydraulic Cab Riser with Cabin Catwalk
  • Cab and Ground Controlled Auxillary Cab Lowering Valve
  • Cab Door Slides Open and Closed to a Latched Position
  • Advanced Climate Control (A/C, Heat & Defrost)
  • Adjustable Air Ride Seat with Armrest Mounted Joystick Controls
  • Rear View Backup Camera
  • Radio (USB & Bluetooth) & 12-Volt Accessory Socket
  • Powder Fire Extinguisher inside the cab
  • Travel Beacon with Alarm (flashing w/ acoustic warning signal)
  • LED Cab Mounted Lights (Front and Rear-Basic)
  • LED Stick Mounted Light (Basic)
  • TaylorTrak Pro Fleet Telematics Hardware
  • Standard Overload Warning
  • 51’ Scrap Handling boom/stick
  • Hydraulic Valve Protective Guarding (Stick Tip)
  • Pipe rupture safety valves (Boom)
  • Pipe rupture safety valves (Stick)
  • Magnet Controller & Generator ready
  • Taylor 57” CDA Cast Steel Scrap Handling Magnet w/Suspension Chains
  • 1.0 Cubic Yard 4 or 5 Tine Orange Peel Grapple
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Extendo 944X

Serving Multiple Industries

For over 90 years, the Taylor name has been synonymous with purpose-built machines specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our growing line of Purpose Built Material Handlers shows our commitment to the customer in providing the best tools for the job backed by the best service in the industry, Taylor Sudden Service. The new material handler line boasts many models like the T40-MH, T40MHXD, T50-MH, and the T60-MH. These rugged machines serve industries from ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling operations with optional features like our 57" Taylor magnet attachment or 1 Cubic Yard grapple all the way to log yards with a log clamp. Taylor Material Handlers pack the stability, volume, dependability, and safety that your operation deserves.

Please check with your nearest Taylor store for availablity.

Taylor Machine Works was built on the premise, "We engineer and build what you need." This is just as true today as it was in 1927. Taylor Big Red designs, engineers and manufactures American made industrial forklifts and material handling equipment for a number of industries including: Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Lumber, Concrete, Precast, Breakbulk, Intermodal, Ports, Rail and Stevedoring.

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